• What is audio-video documentation?

Also known as electography, it is an above-ground audio and visual record of the construction site. Pre-construction video records conditions before any materials are delivered and before any work begins. This record includes but is not limited to interiors of homes and businesses, driveways, foundations, sidewalks, landscaping, utilities, manholes, existing conditions in ditches, ponding in crop fields, curbs and road surfaces. Progress electography records conditions as a project is under way. Post-construction video provides a record of the site after all work and restoration have been completed. Please note that electography is not the same as "TV-ing", which is the internal video-taping of sewer pipe. CVM does not do any work underground.

  • How much does it cost?

Often less than the cost of replacing a single driveway (and certainly less than replacing several). Although CVM's equipment is on the cutting edge of technology, our prices remain competitively low. Just contact us and we'll be happy to send you a quote on any job.

  • Why should I use electography?

Engineers can approach claims with total confidence, knowing that an accurate record of the site exists. Contractors can be more confident their liabilities will be minimized when they approach a jobsite before or after other contractors have been there, and are more responsive in correcting complaints when they are conclusively proven. Property owners, aware that an accurate record is available, are restricted from making fraudulent or exaggerated claims. Electography is a cost-effective insurance that saves time and money for all parties, and can help preserve your valuable reputation.

  • Why should I hire a professional documentation service?

When you hire Construction Video Media, you are hiring an unbiased third party. This ensures that your record is accurate and will stand up in court if necessary.

  • What types of documentation does CVM provide?
    • Standard documentation with GPS coordinates.                     
    • Portable documentation. This is hand-held coverage of a proposed line of construction where access by a vehicle is not possible.                                                                                     
    • Haul Routes with GPS.                                                             
    • Interior/Exterior Coverage                                                    
    • Rainfall studies.


  • What is GPS?

It stands for Global Positioning Satellites. We utilize equipment which incorporates the information from these satellites so that an exact read-out of coordinates appears on your audio-video record. Want to learn more? Check out the GPS link on the Contact/Links page.

  • What media formats do you use in documentation?

    CVM uses digital video recording almost exclusively for the most precise and accurate documentation possible. We now also offer our contractors the choice of receiving their documentation in VHS format or DVD. Although DVD does cost more, there are many advantages to this format including:

    • Convenience and Versatility: DVDs give you the option of viewing the documentation at work, on a computer, or even on a laptop computer while on the jobsite (provided your computer has a DVD drive). You can also pause the action to get a clear look at a particular area or print out still images using your computer.
    • Durability: DVDs last much longer than conventional videotape.
    • Quality: This is most important. When we record using digital format and then transfer that documentation directly to a DVD for your viewing, there is zero loss of quality. Images are more clear and crisp, meaning that you get an even better view of the area of construction, in greater detail than ever before.

Interested in viewing short samples of audio-video documentation? Please visit our Sample Page.

If you have any further questions about audio-video documentation or would like a quotation for a project, please give us a call or e-mail us. Contact information can be found on the last page. You can also request a sample package be sent to you by going to the About Us page.

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