Construction Video Media is a true leader in the audio-video documentation business, providing professional service throughout Michigan and Ohio as well as much of the Midwest. We welcome you to our website and hope you find a wealth of helpful information here, not just about our company and the services we provide, but also about the value of construction documentation and the kinds of technology used in this industry today.

  • For an overview of our company, visit the About Us page. On that page, you will find information on how to request a sample tape or DVD of our work.

  • To learn more about what audio-video documentation is, the importance of using professional documentation for your construction project, and the technology involved (including GPS), please visit our Documentation page. Download short samples of our work here too!

  • For information on the video production services we offer, including editing and duplication, visit the Production page.

  • Interested in employment at CVM? Follow the Employment link.

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What's New at CVM

Summer is here, and construction projects are everywhere in the Great Lakes region! This is one of our busiest times of year at CVM, so make sure to schedule early for your audio-video documentation needs. Please contact us at least two weeks before you need us to come out, so we can get your important project into our schedule. Thank you!

Documentation on DVD is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry. Not only is the quality superb, but our clients have more flexibility as far as where they view the videos. With a computer that has a DVD drive, you can even capture individual images and print them out. Please visit our Documentation page for more details. Or check out the About Us page for how to request a sample DVD.

Wondering what types of documentation are available? Go to our Documentation page and scroll down to the bottom and follow the link there to our sample page. 

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